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Skin Renew - Hydrates, Stimulates Collagen
Skin Renew - Hydrates, Stimulates Collagen

Skin Renew - Hydrates, Stimulates Collagen

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  • Stimulates Replenishment of Skin Collagen
  • Trauma-free anti-aging
  • Hydrates the skin while stimulating restoration
  • Transdermal technology enhanced
  • Easily applied, vanishes quickly


50 ml (1.7 oz)

Product Features:

Trauma-free anti-aging replaces microderm procedures.

As we get older the body produces less fibers, collagen and elastin, that help skin look supple and smooth. Pollution, stress, smoking, and sun damage also destroy these fibers, contributing further to visible signs of aging. This ReJuviance product restores skin by stimulation of sub-dermal fibroblast cells to respond to make new collagen. The natural repair mechanism works normally in the younger body whenever surface skin trauma occurs. The herbal ingredients of this product, delivered trans-dermally, trigger the body’s natural repair mechanism without the trauma. Nutrients delivered to the fibroblast cells encourage them to naturally replenish both new collagen and structural proteoglycans for renewal of damaged skin. Ideal to enhance skin on the face and arms that has been damaged over time by sun or wind, it also rehydrates layers beneath the outer skin, helping to restore youthful appearance.  Statements made about the benefits of our products have not been approved by the FDA.

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