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NAD+ Lotion - Skin Renewal Energy
NAD+ Lotion - Skin Renewal Energy

NAD+ Lotion - Skin Renewal Energy

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  • Contains 5% NAD+ Coenzyme
  • Mild Lotion, Smooths on Face and Skin
  • Formulated With Transporter Ingredients
  • Non-oily, Dries Quickly, Invisible

NAD+is the magical coenzyme encountered in all living cells that creates cellular energy in the mitochondria energy engine. The expensive compound is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (CAS 53-84-9), in oxidizing agent form ready to accept and carry electrons to create ATP energy for the cell. NAD+is also a critical signaling molecule that controls cell function and survival. The body‘s ability to make adequate NAD+declines with age.Scientists believe that NAD+starvation may be a principal cause of age-related decline and neurodegenerative disease.

ReJuviance NAD+Lotion contains 5% NAD+in a mild lotion formulated with transporter ingredients to facilitate its delivery to sub-dermal skin cells. Smooth on with your ands. Dries quickly. Non-sticky, non-oily. Extra lotion can be easily removed with plain water.  Statements made about the benefits of our products have not been approved by the FDA.

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