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Lactate Activator - Stimulant !
Lactate Activator - Stimulant !

Lactate Activator - Stimulant !

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  • Stimulates Production of A Natural Body Protein
  • For Renewal of Dormant Hair Follicles
  • Transdermally delivered
  • Latest Breakthrough Technology
  • Vanishes At Application, Washes Off Easily


30 ml (1 oz)

Product Features:

Stimulates Activation of Dormant Hair Follicles

Lactate Activator contains the naturally occurring biological protein LDH found in nearly all body tissues. This protein (lactate dehydrogenase) catalyzes generation of two biochemicals, lactate and pyruvate, needed by all cell energy generators, the mitochondria. (LDH also catalyzes the reversible reduction between NAD+ and NADH for the mitochondria.) Science has discovered that lactate presence appears to influence activation of hair follicle stem cells to induce normal hair growth cycles. Data suggests that lactate absence at dormant follicle stem cells, perhaps from genetic heritage, may be a cause of male pattern baldness. Our product formulation protects the valuable LDH protein and includes ReJuviance trans-scalp technology to enhance payload delivery to the hair follicles. The product formula avoids preservatives that might damage the protein. Although regulatory compliance prevents us from making any formal hair growth claims, this product dispenses easily, disappears quickly, smells good, and washes off easily with water. Can be applied morning and night. Excellent for all hair types and styles. Statements made about the benefits of our products have not been approved by the FDA.

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