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Fine Line Relief - Tension and Fine Lines Relief
Fine Line Relief - Tension and Fine Lines Relief

Fine Line Relief - Tension and Fine Lines Relief

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  • Two Peptides Stimulate Wrinkle Tension Reduction
  • Improve Overall Tone and Appearance
  • Ceramides Improve Subdermal Hydration
  • Contains NAD+ Coenzyme
  • NO fatty Emollients like Petroleum or Shea Butter

This lotion contains transdermally delivered short synthesized peptide Argireline that works together with two matrikine messenger molecules. Together these stimulate dermal and epidermal cell genes to synthesize extracellular matrix components that reduce fine line tension and density, improving overall tone and appearance. These ingredients are supported by favorable controlled studies showing reduction in the degree of existing facial lines and inhibition of their development. This product also contains ceramides to improve subdermal hydration and NAD+, the coenzyme encountered in all living cells powering their mitochondria energy engine. NAD+ is also a critical signaling molecule that controls cell function and survival. Transdermal ReJuviance carrier technology helps deliver the nutrients to sub-dermal fibroblast cells where they are needed. Use daily to encourage wrinkle relaxation and to properly nourish subdermal cells. Contains No sun screen ingredients or thick, fatty emollient moisturizers such as petrolatum or shea butter.  Statements made about the benefits of our products have not been approved by the FDA.

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