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Scalp Fertilizer - Nourishes Scalp, Contains NAD+

Scalp Fertilizer - Nourishes Scalp, Contains NAD+

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  • Immediate Thickening of Existing Hair
  • Mimics New Hair Growth Research
  • Contains Calcium Lactate and NAD+
  • Improved Trans-scalp Delivery
  • Formulation Dries Quickly and Disappears


118 ml (4 oz)

Product Features:

Style your hair while you regrow it.


Gives you hair fullness, control, and stiffness. Dries quickly. Non-oily.

Scalp Fertilizer uses ReJuviance transdermal technology to deliver Lactic Acid and NAD+ across the scalp directly to balding hair follicles where they are needed. Recent research at the University of California Los Angeles discovered that increasing lactate acid production genetically in research mice affected their hair follicle stem cells and favorably affected hair growth. NAD+ is the coenzyme encountered in all living cells that powers each cell’s mitochondria energy engine. It is also a critical signaling molecule that controls cell function and survival. Numerous studies have demonstrated that NAD+ levels decrease with age, showing particularly reduced levels in the skin and scalp. The studies show that NAD+ depletion may play a major role in the aging process by limiting energy production, DNA repair, and genomic signaling. This product also contains DHT-blocker Beta-Sitosterol, plus Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E which are needed by all follicles for normal hair growth. The formula also improves styling of existing hair by temporary hair strand thickening.

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